Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Week 9 October 11, 2016


A lot of miracles have happened this week. People seemed to have come out from under rocks
that are interested in the church,and our current investigators are making really good progress. 
Steven bore his testimony yesterday for the first time at church and shared his story on the 
Book of Mormon. He brought the Holy Ghost to the sacrament meeting. Peter came to church
and he doesn't really speak a lot of English but he was happy to be there at church. We have 
some new investigators who have a baptismal date already from other missionaries who referred 
them to us.  I am excited to see where everything is going.
Over the passed couple weeks my companion and I have been stopping by a less active 
member's house. I haven't met him before and my companion hasn't met him either. He's been 
assigned to this area for about 4 transfers so this guy and his family has been missing for awhile. 
Every time we stop by his family say he's not home and he's at work but can never give us a set 
time when he is home for us to stop by. I don't know why we had decided to stop by this time but 
he was home. He was more than happy to invite us in too. Over the next hour he told us his 
conversion story and how because of his work and his wife's work they hadn't been able to attend 
church but last week both him and his wife's scheduled changed so they're now free on weekends.
Him and his wife were talking about how they wanted to get back into going to church. That was 
yesterday morning before church started, but they missed it. Then we visited them after they 
missed it and he was so grateful to see us and said how he saw it as a true blessing.

Love Elder Madsen

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