Monday, July 25, 2016

It's been a long day July 21, 2016

Ok, so today isn't my P-day (It's Tuesday) but the branch president said he knows what its like for parents to send their kids out, so that's the only reason he's letting our branch do this.  Our president and his wife wanted to tell you guys to look into Idk what it is but look into it. It's pretty cool I guess according to them.  
It's not as bad as I thought it would be.  It's honestly not that bad at all.  I think I stressed myself out about it too much so when I got out here it wasn't bad as it seemed.  It literally is work work work but I haven't focused on that really.  That's weird of me.... I don't find myself complaining about all the work we have to do and that every second is planned out for our lives but instead I kinda think to myself ok this is what we have to do next and then after that we do this etc.  What I'm trying to say is that I'm eager to do the work without realizing it or questioning it. I just do it and I'm happy about it.
My companion and I get along very well. I think we are the same person.  We are on the same level with everything and I think that most of our decisions could honestly be thought in our head without speaking to each other.  He's really easy going and I am really easy going too so everything is good. Oh yea his name is Elder Fausett.  He's from Saratoga Springs so we both live the same distance away. WE ARE LITERALLY THE SAME. Other than the fact that he is tall and I am short.  Oh yea did I mention he has a basketball scholarship to college. He's real tall.
Elder Fausett and I were on top of the one of the building and we both pointed out what mountains we live under.  After that we realized how close to home we really were.

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