Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Week 31, March 14, 2017

Hi Everyone
I'm sorry I didn't get to write a letter home to everyone
last week. Last week was super busy and I was running around
everywhere. What I didn't get to tell you guys though, was that
transfers came and I didn't get moved to a new place but I got a new
companion and another ward to cover. Now I'm over two wards. I'm still
over the same ward, Creekside, but the new Ward is the San Gabriel
Valley YSA. It's pretty cool. I went to both sacrament meetings this
Sunday and the energy of the two are complete opposites.
I'm adjusting a lot quicker to the new Ward than I thought
I would.
I've met a lot of people who know my friends back home and I've
actually met people who I know from back home. It's weird to see them
as a missionary.  The last time I saw them I wasn't. I'm excited to
serve with them and to be a missionary in their ward.
This week I got a phone call from some Elders and they were asking me
about Steven Pacheco. They wanted some information on him because he
had walked into their sacrament meeting. Steven Pacheco was baptized
in my first area and I had gotten pretty close to him over the time
that he had been taking the lessons. I got emergency transferred
though, so I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to him. Apparently
Steven moved and he went to his new Ward that he moved into. I never
was able to contact him or hear anything about him so I was super
worried that he would stop coming to church and go less active. It was
way cool to get that call from the other Elders telling me that Steven
is still going strong and going to church.
Also I left our window open at night to cool off and I think someone got
sprayed by a skunk or something.  It stunk!
Elder Madsen 🐡

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