Thursday, March 30, 2017

Week 33, March 27, 2017

Hey guys! I had a great week this week. We were able to find more people to
add to our teaching pool and our current investigators are still
staying strong.
This week we met a guy from Africa who was taught by the missionaries.
He came here to go to college and that's where we met him actually. We
invited him to church and he was stoked to go. He came, and in gospel
principals we taught about priesthood. He had some questions so we
decided to teach a lesson to answer his questions. He's a real sincere guy
looking for the truth and he thinks he's found it. I'm really excited
to see what's in store for him in the future.
This morning Elder Lutz and I went on a hike and saw the sunrise.
Afterwards we went to a Chinese cafe and I ate a Chinese pancake with
Elder Madsen 🐡

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