Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Week 14 November 14, 2016

 Hi Guys,

This week has been a pretty fun week!
I'm doing good. Trying to find some investors but I'm good.
While we were teaching a less active family in their front yard a
helicopter flew over and began circling with a huge spot light pointed
down at the ground. After we ended our lesson we went to go check
it out and there were four cop cars blocking the street so no one could
get past and there was a crowd there so we took a selfie and left.

This week we got two investigators to go to church so that was really cool!
They both loved it so it was a cool experience. There wasn't a whole
lot of spiritual experiences this week so I'm sorry I didn't put them
in my letter.

The Mission President just changed the rules so now we can listen to
anything that goes with the standards of the white handbook.  I'm
excited to listen to more music.

Elder Madsen

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