Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Week 15, November 21, 2016

Ha, well a nearby companionship was having problems so I got Emergency
transferred since last time I sent an email. They let me know during
Preisthood on Sunday that I had to report to my new area by 4:30 so
right after church I had to run to the apartment and pack. I managed
to say goodbye to a couple families I have gotten close to while I've
been in El Monte. My companions and I took a companionship photo
before I left because we were all pretty tight and worked really well
There was a really cool sunset the other day and I managed to take a
picture of it.
The new companion I'm with burned a shirt and a tie because he hit his
year mark. He is really tight with the ward and he let me
know that we get fed pretty regularly unlike my last ward so that's
something cool about this week haha. All I know is that my new area is
bigger than  my last area, I'll figure it
out all this week.

Burning the shirt and my new companion Elder Byam

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