Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Week 20 December 26, 2016

Hey guys! Thanks for showing your Christmas spirit and your love
through your packages! It was really cool! This was my first Christmas
away from home and I spent a Christmas Eve with the Rowley family and
they has us the Missionaries perform in their Christmas program and
when they were done they had us stay after and practice for a song they
were planning to sing at Sacrament meeting the next day. After that
we went over to our investigator Ivan's house for a Christmas party
with his family. Ivan is a cool kid and his family loves the
Missionaries. They sent us home with lots of Tamales and they bought
us cologne? I felt really bad that I didn't get him anything but we
had a lesson with him.
On Christmas Day we woke up at 6:30 and all of the Missionaries living
in our apartment opened their presents. It was a way cool experience.
Defiantly a thumbs up. We sang in the choir for the Christmas Program
and joined in with the Rowley family for their musical number. After
Church we went caroling with Patrick who was baptized a couple weeks
ago. He had a really good night and is looking forward to serving a
mission. He thinks it's really cool and he has a lot of fun when he
comes out on lessons with us.
I was able to call home yesterday and that was super cool too! I'm
sorry this email is so short but it's just a really busy day!

Elder Madsen 🐡

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