Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Week 25, January 30, 2017

It happened this week! After many obstacles and trials Chica got
baptized. Her baptism was on Saturday. She was confirmed a member this
Sunday.  We've been teaching for a long time now and it's so cool to
see her experience all the way through. She's been wanting to get
baptized for awhile now but because of some family complications she
hasn't been able to. She managed to over come those obstacles in her
life and do what she wanted to do. It was a great experience.
Our investigators are getting there. Slow but steady. Just trying to
find some more people on top of the people we're teaching already.
We're teaching some part member families but they're a struggle. One
family can't seem to make it out to church but the parents talked to the
bishop about getting sealed in the temple. All they have to do is make
it out to church but they just seem to get there. They have a 
ten years old and he wants to be baptized but that requires his
parents to bring him to church. Sooooooo. Idk I don't get them. 
The other family won't let their 15 year old daughter get baptized until
she's 18 and can make the choice on her "own". Actually it's the dad that
won't let her and he's a member. The mom goes to church every
week. The dad stopped going and he moved out too. It's complicated.
It's back to short sleeve weather here. I heard form someone that
Utah is breaking records for the coldest winter in awhile.
Stay warm.
Elder Madsen 🐡

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