Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Week 43 June 12. 2017

This week was a pretty good week. 
Pasadena is pretty cool. There always people out on the streets so I
think this'll be a great place to find people. It's easier to find
people here than in my last area but maybe not in the
YSA Ward when we would go contacting at the college.
We've figured out how to best use our time in our area. 
We split it up day by day. The two different
areas are East LA and Alhambra. Right now most of the people we are
teaching and preparing for baptism live in East LA. We're having a
hard time find people in Alhambra for some reason. In order for us to
get down to East LA we take a train and there's so many people to
One of the families we're teaching is super cool. They got in contact
with the church through the Dad's brother who got converted to the
church. The Lord is preparing people and I can truly see that through
this family. They're doing everything in their power to prepare
themselves to be worthy to enter the waters of baptism.
We went contacting at a park too and saw a ton of turtles. 

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