Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Week 44 June 19, 2017

We had 3 baptismal dates two weeks ago.  They were Michael,
Eugene, and Christie. Michael has been investigating for years ,but
he's never been able to be baptized because he has a drug problem
which is pretty bad. We were working with him
for a week and then he fell off the face of the earth. We could not
get a hold of him. We tried to get a hold of him by contacting his
girlfriend who's a member.. Anyways she told us that she can't find him
either and when that happens that means he relapsed.
Now last week we were down to two. That's Eugene and Christie.
They're living together and they aren't married but they have a couple
kids together so we can't split them up. They've been investigating a
long time from another ward. They recently moved over here so we
started teaching them. They're in a tough spot financially. They used
to be homeless and they were jumping from motel to motel. We have been
working with them to get them baptized and married and they were all
for it. We set up a time for them to meet the Bishop and talk about
This week we found Michael again at his girlfriends house and it
was pretty sad. He likes to go to the gym and work out and the week
before he was looking good but now he was so skinny. It was kinda scary. 
We talked a lot to Michael about his problem and his desire to quit. He
expressed how much he tried to give it up that I feel like he doesn't
think he can do it.  He told us that he wants to quit and that he has a 
desire to change but I don't think he has faith in himself. 
He came to church last week. He comes on his
own without his girlfriend who is a member. It was so cool to see him
come. I think he wants a better life and is trying to find it.

Some training pictures

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