Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Week 37 April 24, 2017

Hey guys I'm sorry I'm just catching up on the last couple weeks. Two
weeks ago was really good. We were able to take an investigator out to
the visitor center next to the temple. It's was a really cool and
spiritual experience for him and us as well.  He really liked the
feeling he got at the temple and wants to go again.
Justin got baptized! I'm sending pictures.
We've been working with him for about a month and
found him up at the colleges. He's come a long way and had to overcome
some obstacles so it was way cool to see him reach his goal. He shared
his testimony and it was really sweet and to the point. He talked
about the differences in his life from before and after
and talked about how he's been searching and that
he'd been going to different churches to find the right one and
that he finally found it. He's preparing to get the priesthood this
coming week.
This week was also my birthday and it was pretty rad. I taught some lessons
and contacted some people.  It didn't really feel like my birthday but it 
was a good day so that's good. 
I got a lot of letters and packages from you guys so thank you for that!

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