Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Week 40 May 22 2017

This was a pretty exciting week. Elder Cho almost lit a members house
on fire. We had a big fireside focused on missionary work and we were able
to find a lot of people so we'll be able to stop by to see them this week and
teach them. We had to drop a couple people earlier in the week and
find people later in the week. We got a referral this week for this
girl named Natalie. We stopped by and her sister answered the door and
told us that she lived some other place outside our area and was only
home on break. We started talking to this girl and contacting her and
before you know it we had a return appointment set up. At the
beginning she wasn't that interested and talked about how busy she
always was. As we had been stopping by and teaching her through out
the week the more and more you can see a change in her attitude in
religion and towards God. She wanted to know more and had a desire to
know more. She started setting time apart to meet with us. When we
last saw her on Friday she told us that she had a confession to make
and that she was in fact Natalie who we were looking for in the first
This is also the last week in the transfers and after being in
Creekside for 6 months it's a good chance that I'll get transferred.
Next time I'm able to email I might be in a whole new place.

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