Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Week 41 May 29, 2017

HI Everyone
I'm no longer in the YSA Ward or the Creekside Ward. I'm gone. The new Ward
I'm serving in is the Alhambra Ward.  It's a super cool old building
and there's like a hundred churches right next to it. It's really
interesting. It used to be a stake center and Howard. W. Hunter used
to be the Stake president here too!!
Last week though I had a pretty cool experience. My companion and I
just got done teaching a lesson with our Ward Mission Leader and we
went out to get some food with him. While we're at this restaurant
standing line I noticed this guy kinda staring us down. I didn't think
too much of it because we were already sticking out as missionaries
but this man came over to us and began to talk to us. He began to tell
us of his conversion story and how he was led to the missionaries. He
recently became a member and was preparing to go through the
temple. He told us how he had the time of his life watching General
Conference. I remember just feeling so happy for this guy that I've
never met before my in my life. He was on the right path, and he knew
Other than that nothing much happened but a lot of goodbyes.

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